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Believe it: man flu is real

I knew it! Check this out, and gents, ring that little bell for tea and lemon…

SCIENCE has confirmed what men around the world have always known to be true: the man cold is real.

When the dreaded bug strikes, women have a much stronger immune response than men, Queensland researchers say.

Led by Professor John Upham, from the University of Queensland’s school of medicine, a five-member research team established that gender was a factor in how the immune system reacts to rhinoviruses, the viruses that usually cause the common cold.
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These differences disappear after women reach menopause – indicating they are probably regulated by sex hormones.

”The way nature has put us together has been done to keep the female of the species alive as a survival thing,” Professor Upham said.

He said it was the first time gender had been identified as a factor in the immune response to rhinoviruses but that sex hormones were known to influence the response to other viruses, such as hepatitis.

Researchers made the discovery after studying how people with asthma respond to rhinoviruses. They noticed that within their study group of healthy people there was a noticeable difference in the male and female responses to the cold viruses for participants aged under 50.

”The biology is telling us … that female hormones are having a beneficial effect on the immune system,” Professor Upham said

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Real Men Conference 2010 – Al Stewart speaking!

Guys from St Paul’s, this guy is one of the best Bible teachers in Australia, particularly to men. He has been a regular speaker at the Katoomba Mens Convention, speaking to 3000 guys at a time and holding them until the end. It is a massive scoop that we have him at our conference – this is one not to be missed!!

Ladies, send your men away and get them back transformed – what a sweet deal!

I will be there – love to see you there for a great weekend.

Click here for secure online registration right now!

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In preparing the St Paul’s Men’s Challenge Conference talks, I came across this great thought well expressed, by a former teacher of mine, Keith Condie:
How we perceive ourselves profoundly shapes our behaviour. If you are unsure how to answer the question, ‘Who Am I?’, or if you have an unhelpful answer to that question, it will impact on your marriage. Some of the most selfish people I have met are those who have very low self-esteem; they are so caught up with themselves and what people think of them, they lack the freedom to love. But those who have a sober estimation of themselves can give to others from a position of inner strength.
Christians are loved and accepted by God. He is the safe haven for us. We are people of immense worth and value simply by virtue of being created in God’s image and being redeemed through the death of his Son. God the Father hasn’t just forgiven us, he’s welcomed us into his family as his beloved children and heirs.
You may know this, but do you know this? Is it a truth that shapes your life and self-perception? It’s not meant to swell our heads with pride and arrogance; its humbling because its only of his grace. We need to wholeheartedly take this truth on board. It sounds strange, but even low self-esteem is about pride. Beneath self-pity and feelings of failure and rejection lurks the desire to be somebody – to be recognized as a significant and worthwhile person. The research suggests that strong (ie. emotionally together) individuals create string marriages. When two people who understand who they are in Christ come together, that gives great strength to their marriage. The gospel of grace shapes our identity, so the more you grasp the truth of who you are in Christ, the better it will be for your relationship.

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real man #1

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‘snot for real men?

Ok, so what do these actually tell us about men? Options:

1. Men make more snot than women, so need a bigger receptacle?

2. Men won’t use a receptacle unless it’s bigger?

Other thoughts? (It’s vital we work this out, you know!)

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real men – herding cats

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help with a ‘real man’

Ok bloggers and snappers and Facebooker’s out there, here’s a chance to help out.

I am speaking at the St Paul’s Men’s Challenge Conference in August this year. The topic I have chosen to speak on is ‘The Real Man’.

I have my four talks sketched out, pretty much know where I want to head with them.

What I am after now is stuff that points to what our culture thinks is a ‘real man’. It might be a product for sale, and ad you see, a comment you hear, a joke you tell, whatever. Comment on the blog, comment on Facebook, write on my wall, email me or send me smoke signals if you like. I’d love to gather a whole bunch of data on what our society thinks is ‘man-ly’, or typifying a ‘real man’.

Here’s one I picked up yesterday at the movies – this is the way I could identify the ‘mens room’:



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