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The first five things an associate does when the boss goes on sabbatical

This list may or may not be apocryphal…

1. Redecorate the boss’ office in NSW Origin colours, to save him the effort once NSW wins this year (the last 7 years not withstanding) .

2. Introduce a pet python into the boss’ office – pets are therapeutic – and make sure no one breaks the glass cage, especially in the last week before return.

3. Knowing the boss is likely to be bored when he gets back, with nothing much to do, start immediately swapping every 5th book of the meticulously ordered library.

4. In the interests of COMPLETE transparency, make sure EVERY STAFF MEMBER cc’s EVERY email to the boss’ email address, and have every email flagged as ‘Important’.

5. Having executed steps 1 through 4, get resume in order ready to ‘explore other employment opportunities…’


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