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depression links

Thanks to Eric, here are some links to sites dealing with depression in one way or another:

– numerous resources, in cluding a fantastic online DipEd programme.

– helpful resources, including video clips

– a Christian website from Richard Beeston. He recently published a book on depression through Blue Bottle Books – the journey of a married couple.

– the website to go along with 2 illustrated books by Matthew Johnstone, which talk about living with depression, and living with someone else who has depression

[The pic above is from that site – what not to do to someone with ‘the black dog’ of depression – be an ‘Armchair General’]

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‘snot for real men?

Ok, so what do these actually tell us about men? Options:

1. Men make more snot than women, so need a bigger receptacle?

2. Men won’t use a receptacle unless it’s bigger?

Other thoughts? (It’s vital we work this out, you know!)

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real men – herding cats

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‘The Shed’ this Saturday – men and depression

Hi guys, (ladies, please tell your husbands or boyfriends to come to this – it will benefit you if they do!)Just a reminder that ‘The Shed’ is on this Saturday morning, 7.30 – 9.30am, at the CEC.
Free hot breakfast.Peter Pereira, a Pastor and a Psychologist, will be speaking on the topic of ‘Anxiety and Depression’. This is a HUGE issue for men.
We will be interviewing someone who wrestles with Depression; there will be Q & A with the Speaker, and there will also be resources available for further reading on the topic. Really not to be missed.
Love to see you there. If you know u r coming, could you please drop me a line via the church office: 88581111.

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a tribute to the boss’s sense of humour…

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