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Gospel of Mark (chapter 1) – performed

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The Bible, The Forest and The Trees

forest and trees

I’m teaching a ‘Bible Overview Morning’ today at St Paul’s. Our goal is to see how the Bible fits together, and how we can read it as Christian Scripture today. It’s ambitious…foolish? But I think it will be fun.

Here’s the handouts for those who are coming, in case they want to make notes on their iPad.

Handout 1

Handout 2

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Bible in a minute – video

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Rouse Hill Anglican College talk outline 1 (just added: outline 2)

I’m very much looking forward to speaking to the good folk from Rouse Hill Anglican College today and tomorrow. No doubt they are all super keen to be back from holidays and into a staff development conference, as all teachers are ūüėČ But I hope we can spend some useful time together, looking at a topic that I love.

Here is the link to the outline for the first 2 sessions (Wednesday):

Talk Outline 1 

And here is the link to the outline for the last 2 sessions (Thursday):

Talk Outline 2

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do your daily devotions online, free

I have just found this great, free website that lets you do your daily bible reading and SOAP journalling online.

The website is: (see the link at the right of the page)

(I’ve just added it to the links on this website)

Very very simple to use.

Daily SOAP readings come up automoatically. Click on the verse/s you want to journal on, and it imports them into a SOAP template for you to fill in. Add your heading, and when you are finished, your journalling is archived and searchable!

What’s more, at the end, you have the option of sharing your journalling via email, Facebook or Twitter.

And its all free!

Good stuff. Get on to it, people!

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