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A thought on evangelism in our current climate

“By and large the press will tar every effort at evangelism with the label ‘proselytism,’, as we have already seen. But this provides us with an opportunity to insist on the different word associations that ‘proselytism’ and ‘evangelism’ have for Christians. The former is unworthy witness, the attempt to win others to our position out of unworthy or even corrupt motives. By contrast, to evangelize is … “to make an open and honest statement of the gospel, which leaves the hearers entirely free to make up their own minds about it.” If others wilfully confuse the two, there is not much we can do about it – but we should be bold not only to engage in evangelism but to make clear what it is and what it isn’t.”

D.A.Carson, The Intolerance of Tolerance (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2013), 173-4.

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God’s Grace in the Moore MAC Mission

This week MAC has been joined by a dedicated and gifted team of students from Moore College. We have put them to work doing everything from puppet shows to preaching, doorknocking to dishing desserts,

One of the great stories that came out of team meeting today came from a doorknocking session. A couple of students went out, not expecting much. One was English, the other Irish. At one particular door, an elderly couple answered the door. The English guy was at the front and introduced them. The couple didn’t seem that interested in talking about Jesus or church.

Until the Irish guy spoke up. When they heard his voice, the couples’ eyes lit up, and the two were invited in for an hour’s worth of tea and biscuits and conversation!

Turns out, they were an Irish protestant couple who hadn’t been to church in over 45 years. They were fascinated by thei young student so keen to connect with the community and talk about Jesus.

The two doorknockers were suprised by what God has in store for them, and the use they were put two by God in sharing his grace. God is great!

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