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Chrisitians bent on maturity should work hard at gratitude. Thankfulness to friends, parents, senior believers who have helped us on our way, and abpve all to God himself, is not only common courtesy, it is something more, much more: it is simultaneously a powerful antidote to bitterness and malice, and potent acknowledgement that we stand by grace. What else could ever displace gratitude as the appropriate response to grace, whether the special grace that brings us salvation or the grace mediated through fellow believers, friends and events? Grace gives; what more can we do than give thanks? What response to grace could be more vile than ingratitude?

D.A.Carson, From Triumphalism to Maturity, 160.

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Grace, Grace, Grace

Tonight we had bible study on Roman 3:21-26.

What an awesome passage that is. I will never tire of it. We just need to hear of grace over and over, for it is so foreign to us and the desires of our hearts.

Our discussion moved to living in the freedom from guilt that grace brings. Someone remarked that they were told in Sunday School about being in the Kingdom of God through grace, through trust in Jesus – but that they haven’t heard it that often since then.

Someone said that they left from church so often feeling bad, thinking after the sermon, ‘Gee, I’m a bad person.’ They didn’t then hear as often, ‘And you’re forgiven through Jesus’.

It reminded me of Keller’s comment I heard through the Gospel Coalition conference talks. He said that most people don’t preach the gospel, either from the Old Testment, or the New. That is, most people spend not enough time on the DO, and not nearly enough on the DONE.

Or, in Rom 3:21-26 terms, on the righteousness from God, providing justification freely through his grace, by faith.

Gotta have that grace, grace, grace.


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