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daylight savings starts Oct 4th in NSW in 2009

Don’t be late next Sunday!

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Now that’s a dust storm…

Many people know by now that Sydney was covered by a massive cloud of red dust this morning.

I was struck by how the red dust settled on everything and changed its appearance. I was particularly amazed at how the dust settled on my car parked out the front, and was so thick that it went from this:

To this!!!

Now that’s a dust storm…

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test for twitterfeed

Just reading through some blogs (a poor alternative to spending time with my wife on a Saturday night, but she’s away on a conference), and read about twitterfeed.

If I’ve read this right, and negotiated the page and its instructions aright, then the title of this blog post should appear on my twitter feed within the hour (with a link to the blog post content?)

We’ll see.

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st pauls in the media

St Paul’s Castle Hill Album Sets CITY ALIGHT

CITY ALIGHT, a new CD celebrating the talents of budding and experienced songwriters from St Paul’s Anglican Church Castle Hill, will be launched on Sunday September 27 at two bumper celebration services.

St Paul’s music director, Bren McLean says the album has been a natural step forward after a boost in songwriting activity in recent years.

The CD contains 10 Christian pop/rock songs written, performed and produced by members of the St Paul’s music team.

“Not everyone has the gift of songwriting, but if you do have that gift, you should develop and use it – this album is an opportunity for our people to put into practice their God-given talents,” Mr McLean says.

“We’ve also created something that can be a blessing to our church by encouraging and assisting people in their personal worship of God.”

Read the rest of the feature article on the Christian Today Australia website

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calling all musos and music teams…

Check out this great chance to develop your skills and develop your team, for the glory of God.

Details and rego:

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in google we tust

[from today’s smh]

Millions of words have been written and broadcast about the rise of religion around the world, but rarely included in the discourse is the most powerful new spiritual force of them all. For hundreds of millions of people there is a new portal to understanding, a gateway to the world, a tree of knowledge, a believers’ bible. The legion of believers grows with every hour. They believe in Google.

The word suggests infinite power. It is derived from a mathematical term, googol, which means one followed by a hundred zeros. The two visionaries who founded the company called Google chose the name to signify their dream of harnessing the immensity of information flowing through cyberspace. They have succeeded. This year Google will process more than 180 billion requests for information. It has become the world’s most powerful information company. It has a market capitalisation of $173 billion. And it sprang to life just 11 years ago, in September 1998.

Google inspires awe, which is one reason why the Church of Google has appeared on the internet. The site (founded in 2006 by a young Canadian, Matt MacPherson) posits this argument:…

Read the rest at smh

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it’s just not true…

someone sent me this…

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10 benefits of jesus #3 & #4

#3 Victory

Since the very beginning, mankind’s ultimate nemesis has been death. A foe that could not be overthrown. Like an oncoming truck somewhere down the highway of your life, you don’t know when, but you know it will hit you hard. For some people, death casts a huge shadow over their present lives. I know grandparents who won’t visit their grandkids because they are scared of the roads that lead them there. Death holds them hostage, even years out from a visit.

But Jesus overthrows death. 1 Cor 15:

55“Where, O death, is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?” 56The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. 57But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.

#4 Freedom

Mankind has longed for freedom from the beginning. The modern concept of freedom is unlimited options, and unlimited opportunity to pursue them. But the result is chaos. Worse, the Bible tells us the result is slavery. Everyone is hardwired for worship – to ascribe ultimate worth to someone or something, and spend our energies in the pursuit and exhaltation of that thing. The problem is, to worship anything other than the living God is to bind yourself to something that won’t deliver what you hope for, but will keep you pouring your energy in anyway.

But Christ came to set us free from all that. Galations 5:1:

1It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

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caption competition

Ok, what can you come up with: I’m after a caption for the man in the blue shirt (me!), and the little child closest to me.

(if you are reading on FB, you may need to go to to see the photo).


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new st paul’s album website

The new album is almost here. It has been mastered, the artwork is finalised, the cds printed. We are looking forward to getting hold of it at our Celebration Service on Sunday 27th September.
But for all readers out there who aren’t part of St Paul’s, you can listen to preview tracks, see some behind the scenes videos and even preorder the cd online at the album website:


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