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Some helpful thoughts on the Resurrection of Jesus


This weekend is Easter weekend.

Australians in general love it because it is a four day long weekend, a chance for rest and recreation.

Christians love it even more because it is the very foundation of real rest, the relief from having to wonder about our relationship to the divine, and the ultimate freedom from having to prove ourselves via competition from others (if you want to know how that works, I spoke on this last Sunday, you can listen here).

There have been some very helpful posts leading up to Easter this year, so I thought I point them out.

1. Resurrection and Science

One of the major objections to belief in the resurrection of Jesus has been the thought that is is incompatible with modern science.Dr John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, has written a piece on how a scientist can believe in a ‘miracle’ like the resurrection of Jesus. You can find it here.

2. Resurrection and Sources

Another objection to the resurrection of Jesus is that the accounts in the primary sources, the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, found in the Bible, are incompatible with each other. The claim is that, since these accounts mention different things and different people,  they can’t be speaking about the one event, and so therefore they are unreliable.

Dr Peter Bolt, Head of New Testament at Moore Theological College in Sydney (and PhD in the world of the first century from Cambridge) has written a piece showing how the different accounts weave together to speak of one narrative. You can read it here.

[Peter will be speaking at St Pauls on Thursday, 15th May 2014, on the evidence for the historical Jesus, his life and actions – all welcome!]

3. Resurrection and Evidence

Finally, here is a helpful piece from Dr William Lane Craig that puts together the case for the resurrection of Jesus.

May you have a safe and meaningful Easter.

[BTW, our services at St Paul’s Castle Hill where I work are Good Friday: 8am & 10am; Easter Sunday 8 & 10am, 5 & 7pm]

He is Risen – He is Risen Indeed!


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Great article on assurance

“In short, the Biblical writers offer believers all the assurance they could ever want, grounding such assurance in the character of God, the nature of the new covenant, the finality of election, the love of God, and much more beside. But they never allow such assurance to become a sop for spiritual indifference; indeed, the same vision is what drives them to insist that the God who has called them to his new covenant works powerfully in them to conform them to the likeness of his Son, to the fruitfulness the Spirit empowers us to produce. This becomes both an incentive to press on to the mark of the upward call in Christ Jesus, and an implicit challenge to those who cry “Lord, Lord” but do not do what he commands. ”

D.A.Carson, ‘Reflections on Assurance’. First published in Westminster Theological Journal 54:1 (Spring 1992): 1-12.

Read the full article online here

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The Bible, The Forest and The Trees

forest and trees

I’m teaching a ‘Bible Overview Morning’ today at St Paul’s. Our goal is to see how the Bible fits together, and how we can read it as Christian Scripture today. It’s ambitious…foolish? But I think it will be fun.

Here’s the handouts for those who are coming, in case they want to make notes on their iPad.

Handout 1

Handout 2

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Bible in a minute – video

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The Beginning and End of Reading the Bible…

Repentance is both the starting point and the goal of evangelical hermeneutics.”

Barry Webb, Interpreting God’s Plan: Biblical Theology and the Pastor (Carlisle: Paternoster, 1998), 69.

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Books of the Bible Chart


Useful resource for teaching. h/t challies.com

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