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Now that’s a dust storm…

Many people know by now that Sydney was covered by a massive cloud of red dust this morning.

I was struck by how the red dust settled on everything and changed its appearance. I was particularly amazed at how the dust settled on my car parked out the front, and was so thick that it went from this:

To this!!!

Now that’s a dust storm…

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caption competition

Ok, what can you come up with: I’m after a caption for the man in the blue shirt (me!), and the little child closest to me.

(if you are reading on FB, you may need to go to to see the photo).


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‘snot for real men?

Ok, so what do these actually tell us about men? Options:

1. Men make more snot than women, so need a bigger receptacle?

2. Men won’t use a receptacle unless it’s bigger?

Other thoughts? (It’s vital we work this out, you know!)

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one in a million photo

Have a nice day!

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