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review of 3 books on depression

by Keith Condie, here:

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next bookclub book?

This term’s Digger Deeper Bookclub book is Chappo’s, A Foot in Two Worlds. We are about to embark on our round of discussion groups, over suppers or afternoon teas. I am looking forward to it.

Tomorrow I am going to a certain bookstore to scout out the 4th term book. Love to hear your suggestions?

The following are criteria I’m trying to meet:

1. Pitched at a bible study leader level of theological comprehension.

2. Opens up a particular topic or aspect of the Christian life for non-sepcialists (so, eg., that rules out books on the New Perspective or other academic debates)

3. Short enough not to be daunting (we did some 200+ page books which no one finished – the current book is under 100 – I’m thinking 150 might be our upper limit?)

4. Classics could be included – last year we did Luther’s ‘Freedom of a Christian’, which people found encouraging. So far this year, we haven’t done any classics…)


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album update vid 6

or here:

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album update vid 5

for those for whom the embedded video doesn’t work, check it out at:

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