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Feeds Added

I’ve added some feeds to the site. – breaking news – this gathers up Christian stuff and news of interest to christians from all sorts of sources.

Matthias Media – ‘Couldn’t help noticing’ – a Christian eye cast over all sorts of goings on in the world, and a great source of sermon illustrations!

Cricket Australia – breaking news – I have been a cricket tragic since very early on, and like to keep an eye on the what’s happening.

Hope you find these as interesting as I do.

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You can now subscribe to content on this blog

After doing some fiddling and experimenting, I’ve managed to hook up this site with FeedBurner. This means you can get the content of this blog delivered automatically to you without having to come and check the blog itself (of course, I’d love you to drop by whenever you want – feel free!)

Just click on the orange icon over there on the right hand side, and away you go!

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