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10 Leadership Theories in 5 minutes (with cartoons!)

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A Leadership Masterclass

Yesterday a bunch of us from the SPCH staff headed up to Brisbane for a half day with Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago.

Some highlights:

– seeing and hearing someone who is 63 speak with such passion and energy about the lost and the church
– hearing a passion for training leaders, and discipling people, from a church that is often maligned as ignoring
– hearing leadership wisdom that was soaked in Bible, battle hardened and time tested
– having someone be humble to share of lessons learned from mistakes made



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5 reflections on sitting in the 1st and 2nd chairs at the same time

1. St Paul’s is blessed with a gifted yet humble leadership team, including staff, parish council and wardens. I have been privileged to see this at a closer vantage and am deeply encouraged by the men and women that God has raised up to lead. They genuinely love God and want to see him honoured through our ministry and wise stewardship of the resources he has placed in our hands at this time. They are also gracious, and have had my back many times in these months, always seeking the win for the team rather than personal achievement.

2. In a church the size of St Paul’s, lots of things are happening. At the same time. Involving lots of people, and lots of decisions. I have seen this more by being exposed to 2 different decision making chains at the same time. It can do your head in! But it’s amazing to see.

3. I’m having to think and pray about money more than I usually do. It is stretching and humbling and a privileged burden of leadership.

4. You can’t do everything that you’d like to get done. I am seeing even more intensely the need for careful allocation of personal time and energy into certain things and not others. Sometimes the best is served by forgoing the good.

5. God’s people are wonderful, gracious, and challenging, no matter what chair(s) you are sitting in!


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A Process for Resolving Conflict

I had the privilege of attending a 5 day residential for the Arrow Leadership Programme last week. 5 days of highest quality input from people at the top of their game, and rubbingshoulders with leaders from lots of different churches and para- church organizations.

One of the session leaders was Tim Dyer from JohnMark Ministries, talking about conflict resolution. He made reference to this  excellent diagram and the process it represents.

Tim was full of practical wisdom and insight, and I highly commend his two free resource websites, The Leadership Exchange and The Mentor Exchange.

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