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do your daily devotions online, free

I have just found this great, free website that lets you do your daily bible reading and SOAP journalling online.

The website is: (see the link at the right of the page)

(I’ve just added it to the links on this website)

Very very simple to use.

Daily SOAP readings come up automoatically. Click on the verse/s you want to journal on, and it imports them into a SOAP template for you to fill in. Add your heading, and when you are finished, your journalling is archived and searchable!

What’s more, at the end, you have the option of sharing your journalling via email, Facebook or Twitter.

And its all free!

Good stuff. Get on to it, people!

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guide to understanding & communicating with Gen Z

‘Gen Z’ are the generation after ‘Gen Y’. They are mostly the kids of Gen X. My kids are Gen Z (what comes after ‘Z’, I wonder?).

They are those who grow up not knowing anything before digital media, the internet, iPods. They will look at VCR tapes in a funky retro display one day at the Powerhouse Museum (or more likely, a virtual version of such).

Found this interesting guide to understanding the language and communicating with them. An Australian resource, based on Australian research. Helpful for parents like me, and up and coming kids and youth workers!

Word Up – a lexicon of Generations Y & Z; a guide to communication with them

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Isaiah resources?

Starting to think towards first term next year. We are preaching through Isaiah across all of our services, and I will be writing the small group studies to go with the sermons.

I have the following commentaries:

Webb (BST)
Oswalt (NICOT)

Any others, or other resources that I should get my hands on?


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Tim Keller resources

Just posted a link to a blog page that lists a whole stack of links to Tim Keller resources. The link is here:

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map movie

This is brilliant.

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RSS in Plain English

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JBR (Just Been Reading) – ‘Leading from the Second Chair’

(This is the first of (hopefully) an ongoing series to share some helpful ideas from books that I get a chance to look at. Not full blown book reviews, but things I found useful – I hope its a blessing.)

I have just finished Leading from the Second Chair, by Mike Bonem & Roger Patterson. (Find out more about the book at

Reading it, I had one of those ‘a ha’ moments that made sense of my 5 years here at Macquarie Anglican Churches. The authors posit that 2nd chair leading (ie. not being ‘the boss’, but one step down in an organisation) is all about managing 3 paradoxes:

1. The ‘Leader/Subordinate’ paradox.

If you’re a 2nd chair leader, then you’re a leader. You’re expected to shape, influence, make decisions, run teams. But the buck doesn’t ultimately stop with you. The whole organisation ultimately is shaped by the first chair, and you need to be happy with that.

2. The ‘Deep/Wide’ paradox.

2nd chairs are supposed to go ‘deep’ into the portfolios they manage, knowing the details, whose on rosters etc. But they are also meant to be wide, having some sense of how the whole organisation fits together, so that they can assist the first chair and be a part of decisions that affect the whole.

3. The ‘Contentment/Dreaming’ paradox.

God places people in places for a reason and a season. Being content means accepting that, and being the best you can be where you at this time. At the same time, we are call to dream, to have vision, and to work those visions out, whether they be in this place, or in the future at another place.

Good stuff.

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Feeds Added

I’ve added some feeds to the site. – breaking news – this gathers up Christian stuff and news of interest to christians from all sorts of sources.

Matthias Media – ‘Couldn’t help noticing’ – a Christian eye cast over all sorts of goings on in the world, and a great source of sermon illustrations!

Cricket Australia – breaking news – I have been a cricket tragic since very early on, and like to keep an eye on the what’s happening.

Hope you find these as interesting as I do.

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I’ve been at a preaching conference this week. 2 top guest speakers: Don Carson (Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Illinois), and Dale Ralph Davis (Old Testament guy from Mississippi – showed us how you could pronounce the word ‘grits’ with 2 syllables).

Great stuff – will post on that later.

But in a throwaway line, Carson mentioned a new thing that is about to kick off. It seems him and Tim Keller got together and decided that they wanted to be ‘prophetic from the centre, rather than reactingto the margins all the time.’

So they called up a bunch of 50 or so mainline pastors, and so was born

The site goes live June 1 – can’t wait to see what goodies it offers!

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