help with a ‘real man’

Ok bloggers and snappers and Facebooker’s out there, here’s a chance to help out.

I am speaking at the St Paul’s Men’s Challenge Conference in August this year. The topic I have chosen to speak on is ‘The Real Man’.

I have my four talks sketched out, pretty much know where I want to head with them.

What I am after now is stuff that points to what our culture thinks is a ‘real man’. It might be a product for sale, and ad you see, a comment you hear, a joke you tell, whatever. Comment on the blog, comment on Facebook, write on my wall, email me or send me smoke signals if you like. I’d love to gather a whole bunch of data on what our society thinks is ‘man-ly’, or typifying a ‘real man’.

Here’s one I picked up yesterday at the movies – this is the way I could identify the ‘mens room’:



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2 responses to “help with a ‘real man’

  1. spl

    Keith,Surely a few of the good old beer commercials would be good. Maybe a few snaps of Wolverine to boot. Maybe the two combined…Stephen


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