no perfect people allowed

Starting this Sunday, my church is seeking to connect with out community with the message of Jesus. We’ve called the week, ‘No Perfect People Allowed’.

We’ve chosen this theme and this title because there remains a common misconception that a church is a place where people, who think they are better or more moral than everyone else, gather to look down upon the rest of the world. Maybe you’ve experienced a church, or people who go to church, who are like that.

Nothing could be further from the message and intentions of Jesus himself. It is true that Jesus made some radical demands of anyone who would follow him. It is true that he taught that those who would want to be a part of the kingdom of God that they must ‘be perfect’. But then, the tax collector who had cheated all of his countrymen, and the prostitute who sold her body and its intimacy to countless men, and the not-so-bright fisherman, and the murderer of the early church and its leaders – all these far-from-perfect-people found a place in Jesus’ eternal kingdom.

How could that be? Come along during the week and find out, and hear the best news you’ll ever hear.

You can check out more about the week and what’s happening at the dedicated website, If you live in the Hills, love to see you there. I’ll be one of the non-perfect ones who are part of the crowd.

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