aussies preoccupied?

Now, don’t get me wrong – I love cricket. I can sit down and watch every minute of 5 days of a test match, and enjoy it. I like going to the games, I like reading about the games. But not to the expense of everything else

In these recent days, I have begun to despair of the Aussie preoccpation with fluff and bluster. Check out this from today’s SMH webpage:

8 out of 10 of the top read articles are about whether the Australian cricket team will get to keep playing cricket this summer, and whether they are good sportsmen or not. [Somehow, as an aberration, something about people nearly dying in a plane crash nearly made it into the top 5!]

How do we get a word in sideways about God’s grace in Jesus? Hmm…..

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  1. Hey KB,Is it an opportunity?Can we start some sort of cricket orientated church/faith community?That might be a dumb idea, but how else could this be leveraged?

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