Introductions, of course

So, I’ve set out on the big bad internet sea in my little blog ship. Who knows where the journey will take me? I’ve resisted the urge to sail for so long, fearing the time and tide would carry me far away from where I needed to be…. but I’ve succumbed.

‘In Anticipation’ – because God is good, and continues to surprise me with his goodness, throughout all circumstances and stories. I’m learning to live all of life like this – responsibly waiting for the appearing of the Risen Lord Jesus. One eye here, another to the glorious future.

Maybe this little boat will help me get or keep some sort of perspective in the process. Then again, maybe it won’t – who’s to say? But you always start a journey ‘In Anticipation’.


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4 responses to “Introductions, of course

  1. Where’s the Formula 1 content? Who’s going to read a blog with no F1 content?(Seriously, you may want to enable moderated anonymous comments…)

  2. hi there richard – yes, must do that (comments moderation i mean, not F1 content – what’s F1 again? a chess reference?)

  3. Tim

    Well we all wait ‘in anticipation’ (excuse the pun) for what you have to say… I’m sure it will be profound :)Tim

  4. hey there tim, if your comments are all going to be of that sort of quality, feel free to comment away!!

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