Faith in Jesus #4


Fourth, faith in Jesus is not mere ‘belief that’ but ‘trust in’. While there is an unavoidable  intellectual element, there is also an unavoidable relational element because the object of your faith is a person. That is why is Jesus’ teaching, repentance and faith are joined. Repentance is not mere sorrow over some failure; indeed, it is more than mere sorrow linked to a desire to change behaviour. When Jesus talked of repentance he was talking of the fundamental relationship between human beings and God. The invitation to repent is a summons to change your attitude to God and to put yourself under his rule or, to use the language of Jesus, to enter his kingdom. Faith in Jesus involved putting him in charge of your life, and completely depending on him in life and in death.”

P.F.Jensen, The Future of Jesus (ABC Books, 2005)

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