Faith in Jesus #2


Second, it is not the amount of faith in Jesus that is important, but the object of our faith, Jesus himself. Jesus talked about faith as small as a mustard seed being able to do great things (Luke 17:6). It is, of course, not the faith or even the amount of faith that accomplishes the great things; it is the one in whom we have our faith. This is why faith and doubt can, and for many of us do, co-exist. Faith takes us beyond reason because reason itself is so weak. But faith may still be misplaced; our judgement may well be faulty. Faith does not answer all questions, and it may well be tested, refined, even refuted by further facts or logic. All this is essential to the nature of faith, and hence faith and doubt are often found together. But the power of faith is not in the size of our faith; it is in the power of the person in whom we have our confidence. Small faith in a competent surgeon can lead to just as good a cure as full faith in the same surgeon.”

P.F.Jensen, The Future of Jesus (ABC Books, 2005)

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