Our attitudes to relationships – 2011 Australian survey

The 2011 Relationships Indicators Survey provides an opportunity to increase our understanding of relationships in Australia – intimate relationships, family relationships and connection with community.  The overall objective of the research is to provide a statistically sound representative sample of feelings, attitudes and opinions about relationships within the Australian population.

This is the 7th Relationships Indicators Survey undertaken by Relationships Australia and is sponsored by CUA.

One of the key findings from the 2011 research was that more than 40 percent of Australians who use an average of four methods of technology to communicate with their friends or family feel lonely, compared to 11 percent of those who use one form of technology.

The survey results also revealed the most common reasons for relationship breakdowns in Australia, with ‘financial stress’ being the leading cause (26 percent), followed by ‘communication difficulties’ (25 percent), ‘different expectations/values’ (23 percent) and ‘lack of trust’ (22 percent).

Read the “Relationships Indicators 2011 Survey” here. (from Relationships Australia)

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