6 suggestions of what to cover in a journal

1. A personal record of what I’ve done – people I met, decisions I have made, how I used my time, how I served people and fulfilled my personal life statement.
2. Self-reflection on my mood, attitudes, feelings, health, stress, dreams – what I’ve thought and felt, the highs and lows of the day, ways I’ve experienced change within myself.

3. A record of spiritual experiences – ways I’ve been aware of God’s presence, and what these experiences might mean.

4. Working through relational issues – how to engage with a particular person, why I struggle in particular relationships, coming to terms with a bereavement.

5. Saying things to God – hopes, longings, dreams, worries, fears.

6. Pondering problems – decisions I’m concerned about, discerning God’s perspective on life and seeking his will for the future.

James Lawrence, Growing Leaders (Peabody: Hendrickson, 2004), 124.

To this, I would add ponderings on God’s word – questions raised, challenges posed, rebukes that have landed, encouragements that have lifted.

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