John Dickson on ‘The Christian Vote’ in the upcoming election

Much has been said about the ”Christian vote”, an expression often associated with those nasty-right-wing-religious-nuts imposing their morals on a secular society.

Given that 64 per cent of Australians call themselves Christian, according to the census, it is important to clarify what the Christian vote means.

Christians should be willing to change voting patterns after Christian reflection on particular policies. A believer who cannot imagine voting for the ”other side” has either determined that only one party aligns with the will of God or, more likely, is more attached to their cultural context than to the wisdom of scripture.

Read the rest of the article from the SMH here

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One response to “John Dickson on ‘The Christian Vote’ in the upcoming election

  1. I would say just vote your conscience and let Christ guide you here as in all things…and leave the labels and electoral dissections to the so-called experts. Peace.Brad

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