in google we tust

[from today’s smh]

Millions of words have been written and broadcast about the rise of religion around the world, but rarely included in the discourse is the most powerful new spiritual force of them all. For hundreds of millions of people there is a new portal to understanding, a gateway to the world, a tree of knowledge, a believers’ bible. The legion of believers grows with every hour. They believe in Google.

The word suggests infinite power. It is derived from a mathematical term, googol, which means one followed by a hundred zeros. The two visionaries who founded the company called Google chose the name to signify their dream of harnessing the immensity of information flowing through cyberspace. They have succeeded. This year Google will process more than 180 billion requests for information. It has become the world’s most powerful information company. It has a market capitalisation of $173 billion. And it sprang to life just 11 years ago, in September 1998.

Google inspires awe, which is one reason why the Church of Google has appeared on the internet. The site (founded in 2006 by a young Canadian, Matt MacPherson) posits this argument:…

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