thoughts on the michael jackson memorial

So I was up last night with the new boy, round about the time that Michael Jackson’s memorial was finishing.

I found it curious that people kept slipping into religious type language in describing what this man had done, and what he meant. Comments like (in paraphrase – it was early in the morning!):

‘He wanted to heal the world, and to some extent, he did.’ What?
“Michael paved the way for racial harmony with his music.’ Huh?
“Michael challenged us all to be better people, so as we leave here, lets take his message to heart and change.” What th’?

The clincher was the final message put up on the screen. A picture of Michael with his hand in the air, and the caption, in big, shining letters:

‘I am alive. I will live forever.’

It is this last one that drove me to blog! It is a bold, outrageous claim. It is a claim to have negotiated the greatest challenge that faces all of mankind and beaten it (Just Beat It!). To have shunned the final curtain for a perpetual encore. I am not sure I am a believer.

There is another who made such an outrageous claim. I’m not sure how much music he wrote (apart from a few pslams before his time, but that’s another story…). A carpenter. He faced the nails and beat them: “I am the Living One; I was dead, and behold I am alive for ever and ever!” (Revelation 1:18)

The thing with this second guy? There was some proof. He appeared again, to many, even to over 500 at one time.

C’mon, Michael, I want some proof. Its not enough for you to ‘live on in my heart’ if you are going to deliver the healing of the world that you promised in your songs, and that others are raving about on this day. Lets have you and Elvis show yourselves, once and for all.

Now that really would be a Thriller.

Postscript: The pastor who prayed slipped in a line amongst the guff: ‘But even the King of Pop will now have to bow to the King of Kings’. Hmm, maybe that guy had the inside running…


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4 responses to “thoughts on the michael jackson memorial

  1. Really cool post Keith! It's interesting that so many people can seem to claim that they were connected to someone who was able to create cool music for them and do some good with his popularity, and yet not many claim a connection to one to gave up his life for them and rescued humanity with his grace, power & mercy.Keep the blogs coming and I'll definitely keep reading.

  2. I think you are reading a bit much into the memorial, Keith. It was intended to comfort the many people that are saddened by Michael's passing and need to feel that they can keep his memory alive by listening to his music. It also made people aware of his benefit to the African American community and entertainment sector even if he hasn't changed the world. Encouraging to see how devoted his family is to their faith as many turn away when something is perceived to be unfair. It may even bring some of Michael's fans to God

  3. Hi Julie, thanks for dropping by and making a comment. I agree that he benefited the African American community – I think several commentators made that point before the memorial service. I just think some of the stuff that was being said about him was over the top. Similar things were said about Diana. It is fascinating to watch the 'mini-deification' that happens when a person who is able to impact many dies, especially when it is perceived to be 'before their time'. Some of the comments about Michael are comments that I think are more apt for real deity. I would love to think that the memorial would bring people to God – stranger things have happened. But I think it was 'glory be to MJ', rather than sola deo gloria.

  4. SC

    Last week I was in prayer and I asked the Lord about MJ. I overwhelmingly felt the Lord say He was sad about the way MJs life had gone as well. This end is not what the Lord planned from the beginning for him.The Lord gave MJ his love, talents and creativity, and placed a desitiny inside him. We are all created in God likeness, including in our creativity. We all also have free will and make choices. The devil on the other hand is not created in God likeness at all. He has no creativity. The best he can do is to steal the creativity God placed in others, and his goal is to steal and kill and destroy.From the outside looking in it doesn't look like MJ achieved the call and the destiny that the Lord had for him, but I still honour his creativity and the measure of love God placed within him. Who might dare pray that the next MJ might stand in the fullness of the call and realise the destiny that the Lord has for him? Who might make a way and stand to be a righteous figure in a word that is clearly yearning for righteousness and for a saviour? This world is so hungry for a figure to worship, and so hungry for a saviour to come. Come Lord Jesus!bless you Keith! 🙂

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