Rom 7 wordle

Having seen MJ’s wordle of his thesis on martyrdom, and read then JM’s theory that a sermon should perhaps have ‘Jesus’ as it’s biggest feature in a Wordle map, I thought I would give my last sermon, on Romans 7, a Wordle treatment. Here’s the results (clikc for a larger image):


But, I have 2 qualifications:

1. This was taken of my typed transcipt – there were additional hand scrawled notes on the manuscript I actually preached off! (and I’m sure some of those would have mentioned Jesus…)

2. I read lots of the text in my sermon, and, lets face it, out of 25 verses, ‘Jesus’ is only mentioned once. And law is mentioned, well, quite a bit!

At least ‘Christ’ is up there amongst the big boys!


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3 responses to “Rom 7 wordle

  1. Thats great stuff.I love it.Law-Commandment-Good-Life.You got some work to be doing, Keith!!:)

  2. he he!I hope my hearers heard something different to Wordle![some feedback gives me a sneaking suspicion that they did – but still…]

  3. I preached on the Romans 7. The audio is on my Blog.yeah… I can’t exegetically see how the ‘I’ is Paul who ‘has been set free’.Anyways, see you get you the time.

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