the power of God’s promises

A few weeks back, I went to visit a lady who was dying in hospital.

She was 96 years old. Her weak and frail body fought for every breath. She could barely see, she could barely hear, her chest rattled with the pneumonia that was about to kill her.

I read the bible (the end of Romans 8) and prayed with her. And then I asked her if she had anything she wanted to say to me

She leaned her head up off the pillow with some effort, and said, ‘I just hope that God can forgive me for any of the things I have done in my life.’

I said to her, ‘If your trust is in Jesus, then God has already forgiven you.’

She said, ‘I put my trust in Jesus, I put my trust in Jesus.’

And I said, ‘Well, rest – God has you in his hands, and he would never let a precious child of his go.’

And her head sunk back into the pillow. And a smile settled across her face.

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  1. How amazing! that God would comfort us on our death bed.This I Do…

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