A Thought for Communicators…

‘To be persuaded means to have convictions. To know what you are convinced about implies that you discriminate between some matters you consider certain and others you regard as uncertain – matters of doubt. To make meaningful distinctions between convictions and doubts, one needs further to have a sense of how things doubted might cease to be doubted; that is, one needs a concept of warrants, of what may be persuasive. People can be in doubt about something and feel unsure if or how it can ever become for them a matter of conviction or certainty. Part of the achievement of effective communicators lies in their persuading their audiences that stepping-stones (warrants) do exist by which they can move from doubt to conviction.’


D.M.Hay, ‘The Shaping of Theology in 2 Corinthians: Convictions, Doubts, and Warrants’, in D.M.Hay (ed.), Pauline Theology Volume II: 1 and 2 Corinthians (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 1993), 137.

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