First day at St Paul’s

Well, the first day has come and gone.

It was weird to come back to a place where I was student minister 8 years ago. Much has changed, but it was nice to see a whole bunch of faces that were familiar (and even remember some names – not bad after 8 years!). People were very friendly and welcoming, which was great.

What a mixture of messages that were preached over the 4 services – 2 Chronicles, John 17, Hosea 13-14, and 1 Corinthians 15-16! That much hasn’t changed – people here are still people of the Word. I look forward to the privilege of opening the word with them in the near future.

Thanks to those who have prayed for us in the transition. We are feeling settled in our new house, and ready for this next chapter in the Baker family lives to begin.

Grace and peace.


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2 responses to “First day at St Paul’s

  1. Hi Keith, like to drop in from time to time to see how you are going… keep up the good workcheersbeck (nonna)

  2. Hi there nonna! Thanks for dropping by, love to keep in touch. Enjoy all your ‘nonnaing’! ūüėČ Keith

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