Farewell Macquarie ::tears::

Well, its over. Its hard to believe, but our 5.5 years at Macquarie Anglican has come to an end. The good people of Macquarie gave us an extrememly generous send off, a very special time that we will never forget.

We have been privileged to share our lives and ministry with many people of different ages, and have found ourselves blessed in many different ways. We will never be the same, and for that, we thank our gracious God.

Many thanks to the Senior Minister, Roger, for all of his leadership, guidance, wisdom and grace over the years. Thanks too for graciously giving me the chance to speak at the weekend away, and also to speak on my final Sunday.

The audio of the final sermon can be downloaded by clicking on this link.

Our prayers will be with the people of Macquarie, and we know they will be praying for us as we rest and recharge, ready to starT at St Paul’s.

[edit – added the ‘T’ to star in the last line – thanks for pointing it out – it was a typo, not hubris!!!]


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3 responses to “Farewell Macquarie ::tears::

  1. GBH

    Hey Keith, talk yourself up a bit more … “ready to STAR at St Pauls” ??? Maybe your gift of prophecy is coming out? 🙂

  2. Hi Keith,It has been wonderful having you and your family at Macquarie Anglican over the past 5.5 years! While we are all sad to see you go, I am sure that God has many more wonderful opportunities in store for you all!And you think Sunday was a brilliant send-off?! Just wait til 3-5 Alive tomorrow night *evil laugh*All the best, Ness

  3. thanks gbh, i’ve fixed that error! not trying to talk myself up, i can assure you, and i am neither a prophet nor the son of a prophet!ta nessa for the kind words and the send off from 3-5 Alive – very humbling.k

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