Making fun of Jesus?

Interesting piece of commentary from a non-Christian guy who’s normally all about pointing out stuff about men in society in a fun way. Linking to a YouTube clip of a person dressed as Jesus singing ‘I will survive’ (which, ironically, is the message of Jesus in Revelation: ‘I have overcome, I have survived, so you do the same’), he comments:

The following clip may offend if you’re a God-fearing Christian, so I’ll be interested to see if I receive any death threats from fundamentalist Catholics as a result of this post. My bold prediction? I’ll get absolutely none.
My point? Imagine if this bloke had dressed up like the prophet Mohammed instead of taking the piss out of Jesus? He’d be shivering in a cave somewhere in Montana while firemen picked through the charred remains of his torched Los Angeles apartment.
I know I’m going to hell anyway, but the fact I can even write the sentence “taking the piss out of Jesus” – let alone post this clip – without fearing for my life shows most Christians are pretty easy-going types.And I guess that’s where “the West” struggles to comes to terms with the “Islamic world”. Above all else, it just seems so rigid and stern.
I’m worried even pointing it out …


This guy’s on to something. Christians don’t react the same way. And its because of the fundamentally different nature of the ‘Lord’ that Christians follow.

Jesus overcomes, not by being afraid of being insulted, but by facing insults and persecutions and flogging and wrongful crucifixion head on, and defeating it 3 days later in his resurrection from the dead. He is now the powerful one who reigns over all, and who waits for the day when he will put all things to right.

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