Life in a mini-skip

Our neighbours have been busy recently. All sorts of noises have been coming from next door. Cleaning machines,mowers, you name it. And a few weeks back, their 5th mini-skip arrived. The 5th mini-skip in 3 months. Why were they so busy?

The busy neighbours are the adult children of the elderly couple who used to live in the house. About 6 months ago, they both died, within a week of each other. One from cancer, the other in their sleep.

They had lived in that house their whole life. It contained all of their possessions, all of their trophies, all of their memories.

And here it was, disappearing into mini-skip number 5.

It was a sobering reminder that the shiny happy veneer of materialism all goes the same way. It is not the stuff of eternity. Praise God for the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, who secures our eternity and demonstrates where our hope should lie.

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