Reflections on Moving #1

Yesterday confirmed to me that ministry is all about relationships. We had the unpleasant task of telling the good people at Macquarie Anglican Churches that we are moving on to a different position at a different church.

We felt ourselves grieving as we shared the news. Some people were surprised; others weren’t. Some cried, others avoided talking to us. All in all, a very hard day.

But, to be expected. Christian ministry is all about relationships. It is about loving, caring, sharing, encouraging, rebuking, exhorting, persuading, weeping, lifting up, raising up and reaching out. All of the things our gracious God does to each of us through his Word, he calls us to do with each other as we share life in the Spirit. It is no surprise that ‘one another’ is one of the most common expressions of the New Testament.

Our many thanks for all the kind and encouraging words people were able to offer in the midst of their processing the news. Our prayers will be with you in these final days of our time at Macquarie.

God Bless,


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