We are Moving

Following is a statement that I read out at all of the congregations of Macquarie Anglican Churches on Sunday, 15th April:

“After many weeks of deliberation and prayer, Beck and I have decided that it is right for me to accept a position as Senior Associate Minister at St Paul’s Castle Hill.

We have very much enjoyed our 5 plus years here with the people of Macquarie. We have enjoyed sharing our lives, our home and ministry with all of you. Our decision to move in is in no way a reflection of the affection with which we hold people here, nor on any of the ministry roles we have had the privilege to share with you.

We have been approached many times over the previous years with offers of other jobs. Until now, we have felt that it was not the right time to move on from serving God’s people here.

This new role will involve overseeing the spiritual development of people of all stages of life and Christian maturity, from all of the congregations at St Paul’s. It is a senior role that involves overseeing and developing both paid and unpaid ministry staff in their various ministries.

We feel that this move to serve the people at Castle Hill is right for all of our family at this particular time.

We will remain committed to Macquarie Anglican Churches until the final week of second term – Sunday 24th June, the Sunday after the parish weekend away.

We look forward to serving you until then, and thank you for all your support and prayers.”

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